Cut Down Version of AMD Radeon 580 Hits China With 2048 Stream Processors

Performance close to the RX 570

Releasing cut down versions of graphics card certain markets not something new for AMD so this should not come as a surprise for anyone. One of the largest GPU manufacturers in the world has shared a cut down version of its mid-range card, the RX 580.

The XX-SP codenames are used for cut down versions of Radeon cards often. And a similar AMD codename was seen in China. The card comes with 2048 Steam Processors and 8GB of GDDR5 memory and it utilizes the complete 256-bit memory bus.

The Radeon RX 580 “2048SP” seems more like a rebrand for RX 570 if we look at the complete spec list.

  • Computing unit – 36
  • Basic frequency – Up to 1257 MHz
  • Acceleration frequency – Up to 1340 MHz
  • Peak pixel fill speed – Up to 42.88 GP/s
  • Peak texture fill speed – Up to 192.96 GT/s
  • Peak performance – Up to 6.2 TFLOPs
  • Grating unit – 32
  • Stream processor – 2304
  • Texture unit – 144
  • Number of transistors – 5.7 B
  • Typical board power (desktop) – 185 W
  • Power supply – 500 W
  • Effective memory speed – 8 Gbps
  • Maximum memory – 8 GB
  • Memory type – GDDR5
  • Memory interface – 256-bit
  • Maximum memory bandwidth – 256 GB/s
  • HDMITM 4K Support – Yes
  • 4K H264 decoding – Yes
  • 4K H264 encoding – Yes
  • H265/HEVC decoding – Yes
  • H265/HEVC encoding – Yes
  • Display port – 1.4 HDR
  • Dual link DVI – No
  • HDMITM – Optional
  • VGA – No

The 150W TBP and 7Gbps memory clock are a common element of cut down Polaris chips. The decision¬†to release this card and brand it as RX 580 seems odd, why not call it the RX 570? The community isn’t too happy about such rebranding of cards. We are seeing criticism of social media, similar to what we saw when Nvidia rolled out 3 and 6GB variants of GTX 1060.

AMD is keeping such cut-down models limited to the Chinese market as they may not do well internationally. The consumer mindset is different in China as they are more accepting of the cut-down rebranding of GPUs.

Sikandar Mahmood
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