Custom PUBG Xbox One Controller Comes With Exclusive Game Skin

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You know your game is very popular when Xbox makes a custom controller for it. Here we have the custom PUBG Xbox One controller which is going to launch on the 30th of October. The controller sells for $69.99 but you can pre-order one for $59.99. Keeping in mind that the launch of the custom PUBG Xbox One controller is around the corner, you should hurry up before the offer expires.

This is a custom controller so it is safe to say that these are going to be available in limited numbers. Keeping in mind that PUBG is a very popular game, these are going to be sold out in no time at all. If you really want one then you should hurry. You can check out some images of the custom PUBG Xbox One controller below:

Custom PUBG Xbox One Controller
Custom PUBG Xbox One Controller Source: Microsoft Store

The custom PUBG Xbox One controller comes with a digital camo design. There is a PUBG logo on the back. The left joystick has a blue circle around it. If you have played the game then you know what that means. The right joystick has a crosshair around it. The D-pad is golden, another cool detail. The design of the controller is such that it seems to be worn out. Not only do you get the controller but you also get an exclusive in-game skin.

Custom PUBG Xbox One Controller
Exclusive PUBG Skin Source: Major Nelson

The official Microsoft store describes the custom PUBG Xbox One controller as follows:

“Survive the ultimate life and death fight with the Xbox Wireless Controller – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Limited Edition, featuring a distressed black digital camo design. Be the last one standing with the new and exclusive trigger grip to help you stay on target in the final circle.”

The controls on it can be customized. It has a headphone jack for headsets and has Bluetooth so you can connect it to your PC or other Windows 10 device.


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