CS:GO Danger Zone’s New “Sirocco” Update is Heavily Inspired By Apex Legends

Danger Zone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s take on the battle royale genre, launched back in December 2018. The latest update to the game mode introduces a brand new map alongside numerous additions. The new Sirocco map replaces Blacksite, and brings with it new items such as exojump boots,bump mines, and starting perks.


Set in the Middle East, Sirocco opts for the classical desert theme similar to what we see in the Dust maps. Like Blacksite, the new map features “wide open spaces” for open gunfights and “intricate underground passages” for stealth.


Respawn and Ping System

Danger Zone now includes a respawn mechanic which allows dead players to rejoin the fight. As long as your squad survives, you will have a chance to redeploy anywhere on the map. Additionally, the new pinging system is a quality of life upgrade that will make communication easier.

New Items

The Sirocco update also introduces an array of new items. The new Exojump Boots increase jump height and movement speed, allowing players access to advantageous positions. There’s also the new Bump Mines, which when stepped on, send players flying. However, unlike Apex Legends, Danger Zone has fall damage, so you’ll need a parachute to survive the fall.

Although they’re not included with this update, Valve teased the upcoming Remote Drone and Ballistic Shield items. New money bonus events will also be added in a future update.

Starting Perks

Before a match begins, players can choose starting kits such as tasers, parachutes, health shots, and the new exojump boots. As requested by fans, Valve has increased the starting ammo count of weapons. Moreover, tablets now highlight the location of the nearest large weapon crate with “pinpoint precision”.

It’s fairly obvious that some of these additions were inspired by Apex Legends, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both respawning and pinging are some of Apex Legends’ best features, so hopefully they make Danger Zone a better battle royale experience.

Farhan Ali
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