Cryptocurrency simulator Blockchain Tycoon Early Access launches on August 9th

Blockchain Tycoon is a cryptocurrency simulation game developed by Wamill Software. Players can dive into the vast world of cryptocurrency and start their own business. Today, Wamill announced that Blockchain Tycoon will be launching on Steam Early Access next week.

Blockchain Tycoon

In Blockchain Tycoon, players can create their own business and manage it by upgrading warehouses across the world. These warehouses are home to powerful hardware that is used to mine cryptocurrency. Blockchain Tycoon pays great attention to detail and features accurate hash rate and calculations similar to the hardware’s real world counterparts. While managing businesses, players will have to hire experts to research new features and upgrade their hardware to outshine the competition. Speaking of competition, as time goes on, other miners across the world will up their game resulting in increased mining difficulty.


As it is a simulation of the real world, coin prices will change everyday and you will have to pay attention and make decisions carefully. If you do not perform correct and accurate calculations, such as electricity bills and cooling, your company will face a loss. Players also have the ability to take loans to expand their business, resulting in an increased profit. Keeping and eye on the market cap and observing mining statistics is the key to  a successful business.

Here is a preview of the game in the form a gameplay trailer:

During its journey through Early Access, the developers aim to polish the game and implement a bunch of new features for its full release. For the full version, the game will feature improved graphics, better user interface, multiple cryptocurrency coins and improved game balance. However, that is not to say that the game is lackluster during its early access stage, as developers describe the current state of Blockchain Tycoon as “fully playable”.

Blockchain Tycoon will be available on Steam Early Access for $9.99 USD starting August 9th. Developers say that this price will increase as more content is added to the game.


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Cryptocurrency simulator Blockchain Tycoon Early Access launches on August 9th

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