Cryptic Tweet from WB Montreal Suggests the Studio Might Announce Batman Gotham Knights Tomorrow

The official reveal, however, is scheduled for the DC Fandom event

It has been almost five years since the last game in the Arkham trilogy Batman Arkham Knight released. Fans had been wondering about the next experience as the caped crusader. Rumors regarding the next project from the developer Rocksteady and people started speculating that another Batman game is in the midst. Last year Warner Bros. shared a tweet regarding their upcoming Batman game, which will be developed by WB Games Montreal rather than Rocksteady. The news was not well received by the fans as WB Montreal’s implementation of Batman in Arkham Origins was not received as well by the fans as the games in the original trilogy.

We know that the next Batman game will be revealed during the DC fandom event, but WB Montreal has shared a short teaser that is somehow linked with the reveal. The audio-less teaser features a gridded reticle that spins and stops at specific points, and then it flashes two images. It seems WB is following the footsteps of Activision and allowing fans to solve the riddle to get information regarding the game. Earlier this week, Activision announced Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War using a set of riddles involving CoD Warzone and CoD partners.

The images flashed during the reveal suggest that the game will be linked with the Court of Owls. It is a group of bad guys similar to the League of Assassins featured in the Arkham games. The internet brigade started solving the riddle, and it was later revealed that the riddle takes you to the image of the map, which shows Wayne Enterprises and Pioneer Bridge, two of the many famous locations in Gotham.

The tweet also linked with another website that was launched simultaneously. The site has a clear message which states, “We have been expecting you, 8/18.” It means we are definitely getting something about the upcoming reveal tomorrow. The site also links to the following Image on Instagram. It clearly states the rumored name of the game, Batman Gotham Knights.

Mohsin Naeem
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