Cryptic Tweet From Nvidia Suggests Next-Gen Ampere GPUs Might Be Announced in 21 Days

We have heard a lot about the upcoming GPUs from Nvidia. It has been almost two years since Nvidia released the RTX 20-series cards, so the upgrade is now imminent. A few days ago, we talked about how Nvidia may reveal the RTX 30-series cards based on Ampere architecture sooner than previously expected.

Now Nvidia has revealed a cryptic teaser via their official Nvidia GeForce account that shows a SuperNova blast with a caption ‘Ultimate Countdown’. The countdown mentioned 21 days and 21 years. It is one of a kind as far as teasers go since it does not reveal anything substantial. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that the upcoming reveal will be of the GeForce graphics cards. The fact that it shows a supernova which is a substantial phenomenon in the life of star that relates to the creation of elements, this should mean a revolutionary upgrade is coming.

According to Wccftech, the countdown is linked to the GeForce 256 GPUs, which, according to Nvidia, is the first modern GPU. It was released 21 years ago. The 21 days seems to be the reveal date of the Ampere graphics cards, but we are not sure.

Nvidia and its board partners have been tight lipped about the prices and availability of the upcoming graphics cards. The same is pretty much true for the specifications and nomenclature too. We know how Nvidia plays with the names of the graphics cards every generation, it would not be a surprise if it does the same this time around.

We should expect a substantial performance boost compared to the Turing generation. Still, the question remains, can Nvidia recreate the performance differential it achieved when it released the GTX 10-series (Pascal) graphics cards? For a detailed outlook on the leaked specifications of the graphics cards, head over to the link here.

Mohsin Naeem
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Cryptic Tweet From Nvidia Suggests Next-Gen Ampere GPUs Might Be Announced in 21 Days

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