Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core – Reunion Story

We all remember Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, right? The spin-off PSP prequel to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII. Well, it turns out, it will be getting its very own faithful Remake too. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will pay tribute to the original PSP title when it comes to the story, but some things will feel a bit off to Final Fantasy VII Remake players.

Interview with Yoshinori Kirase

Final Fantasy VII
A comparison between Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Crisis Core Reunion | Gonintendo

While speaking in a recent interview to promote the new Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion and FFVII Rebirth in China, Yoshinori Kirase revealed interesting details about the game’s plotline. He revealed that the story would be practically the same as the original. But players that have gotten a feel for FFVII Remake will notice that some things are a bit off this time around.

The game is not a stand-alone spin-off like the previous PSP title but should be considered a part of the FFVII Remake Project. This highlights that the game will indeed feature noticeable changes to the storyline as portrayed in the FFVII Remake, and the story will be heavily tied into the Remake. 

Spoilers Ahead! We saw that Zack Fair survived the final ambush while protecting Cloud in the Remake, which created an alternate timeline where he’s still alive. As the plot to the original Final Fantasy isn’t confusing enough, it gets a whole lot more complicated with this alternate timeline Zack that might make a return in the upcoming FFVII Remake Episode 2.

 Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Improvements?

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII: Original Zack Fair Vs The Next Gen Zack Fair | ELAnalistaDeBits

The Crisis Core Reunion development came as a surprise to many as the FFVII Remake still hasn’t gotten along to the release of its second episode yet. Like before, Crisis Core Reunion will showcase Zack’s story to those who haven’t previously played Crisis Core or shed light on his cameos in the FFVII Remake.

Also, not many people got a chance to play Crisis Core since it was only released, so the Playstation Portable. So to those who never got around to playing Crisis Core, expect to play a heavily enhanced version on the PS4 and PS5 with lots of additions and features to go around.

For those wondering if we’re going to get new voice actors or will Crisis Core Reunion use the original voice cast, we’ll be getting the original English voice cast. In addition, the Battle system and gameplay have been improved upon as well, so those that enjoyed FFVII Remake can enjoy a seamless experience. We’ll also get improved lighting, 4K textures, enhanced character models, and overall improved graphics quality.

We’ll also get to enjoy improved visuals, full-on voice acting, and a revamped soundtrack while staying faithful to the original. We didn’t get full voice acting in the original game, but that’s all going to change with the Remake.

So, are you excited to see Zack Fair back in action to track down Genesis Rhapsodos and unravel the mysteries of SHINRA all over again? Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is expected to be released sometime in 2023 and 2024. There’s no official release date, but still, the hype won’t die out as many are excited to see Zack Fair in action all over again.



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