The Third Installment of The Crew to be Renamed as “Motorfest”

It’s possible that the third instalment of The Crew won’t have any references to the first series at all, instead adopting a new title and setting. Initially known as Project Orlando, The Crew 3 might as well have been called Motorfest.

A recent report from Insider Gaming‘s Tom Henderson and Nick Baker says that the third installment of The Crew could take place in Hawaii, specifically on the island of Oahu. As there is no official statement regarding the matter, nothing can be said as of right now, but according to these insiders, “The Crew” branding was not found on any of the photos.

In the leaked photographs, which Tom Henderson admits cannot be shared publicly due to copyright issues, the “Motorfest” logo can be seen on a variety of in-game elements, including digital billboards, license plates, and even loading screens.

However, the insider also claims that the branding could simply be a part of the title, like The Crew: Motorfest and so Motorfest could be a core element in the game’s story or setting.

Another interesting thing to note here is that there are still leaked pictures hinting at a rebranded version of The Crew 2, something like a DLC. It has been reported that Ubisoft originally planned for Project Orlando to be a DLC for The Crew 2, but ultimately chose to release it as its own game.

No information on the upcoming racing game’s reveal or potential release date has been provided by Ubisoft as of yet.


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