How to Create a Password Reset Disk using CHNTPW

CHNTPW Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a tool that can be used to reset a forgotten password on a Windows operating system among other things. It can be installed on a CD/DVD or a USB device and once burned, can be booted with to reset the password. This tool works flawlessly on Windows Vista and 7 but on Windows 8 and 10 this tool is only effective in resetting local account passwords, meaning those that are not connected to a Microsoft account. If  you are attempting to reset a Microsoft Account Password, then it’s much easier then following this guide and can be resetted easily by going to

Method 1: Burning chntpw on a CD/DVD

Follow the steps below to create your own chntpw live CD/DVD:

You can go to this link to download the chntpw version that can be installed to burn a CD.

Now you will have to extract the “.zip” file. To do so, you can use the default compression tools of Windows or if there aren’t any, you can try out any third-party ones like 7Zip.

You will now have an ISO file that’s ready to be burnt. Follow this extensive guide to burn the ISO to your CD/DVD.

Method 2: Burning chntpw on a USB

Go to this link to download the compressed file.

Extract the files using either the default compression tools of Windows or via any third-party ones like 7Zip.

Now copy all the extracted contents to your USB drive’s root.

Run the command prompt as an administrator. On Windows 10, you can do so by pressing the windows key + X and selecting Command prompt (Admin) from the list.

Type the following command in the terminal and press enter:

h:\syslinux.exe -ma h:

Note: The “h” in the above command will be replaced by the actual name of your USB drive

This is it! You now have a live chntpw USB that is ready to be booted with!

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How to Create a Password Reset Disk using CHNTPW

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