Intel Provides Alder Lake CPUs As Alternative For Arc Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Intel launched its Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt last year where various enthusiasts, reviewers were given an opportunity to win Intel Arc GPUs. Undoubtedly, at the time this was unbelievable for many because Arc was supposed to launch in Q1 2022 (At that time). Even till this day, the 300 winners have not received their specified rewards.

Intel Scavenger Hunt Alternative | Videocardz

Intel recently sent various e-mails to the winners to provide them an alternative. In a surprising turn of events, team blue is now offering its Alder Lake i5 and i7 SKUs in exchange for the yet to arrive Arc GPUs. The grand prize winners (A770) are offered the i7-12700K, whereas the first prize winners (A750) can opt for the i5-12600K.

Is Intel facing some delays? Possibly. However, this gives us an opportunity to make out the exact pricing for these Arc GPUs.

Intel’s leaked slide. Source : Intel / wccftech

The A770 is supposed to be priced within the $300-$399 range, whereas the A750 may cost somewhere between $279-$349. If Intel is offering alternatives for these GPUs, they must be equivalent in terms of pricing.

The i7-12700K is priced at $377.99 at Amazon, where its i5 counterpart costs around $259.99.

  • A770 = $349-$399
  • A750 = $249-$299

What’s interesting is that Intel explicitly states that, if any user fails to reply to this e-mail, the alternative (Alder Lake CPUs) will be shipped to them instead of the initial Arc GPUs. 

All things aside, Chipzilla plans to launch its dGPUs sometime within the next 1 and a half months (up till 1st of October). Can they keep up their promise? We cannot say for sure, although a few OEMs have been spotted powered by these Arc GPUs, planned for shipping during the initial week of October.



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