Cortana Voice Assistant Support to be Withdrawn for Android and IOS early next year, Microsoft announces

Microsoft Cortana voice assistant support will no longer be available for Android, iOS, and some other platforms after the beginning of 2021, a recent announcement by the company revealed. Prior to this, the first move on this front by the company will be made on September 7, according to which support for all the third-party Cortana skills will end. These changes have been made owed to a low usage of this virtual voice assistant.

According to the announcement on the Microsoft support page, this shift towards a ‘transformational’ Artificial Intelligence-powered assistance experience in Microsoft 365 requires that the attention is focused towards other areas of development and innovation so that the users are provided assistance where they require it. While the company is set to introduce changes to the US consumer-centric functionalities and features that have a low usage, Microsoft will pull out Cortana voice assistant support for Android and iOS from around the globe.

The Redmond giant also answered to why the support is being ended for the Cortana app for mobile. According to them, users can manage their email and calendar, join meetings and do a lot more through their new productivity-focused experiences such as Cortana Windows 10 experience, integration in Cortana through Outlook mobile and upcoming Cortana voice assistance in Microsoft Teams mobile app. Apparently, users can find all their required functions elsewhere so there is no need for Cortana voice assistant anymore.

In addition to withdrawal of Cortana voice assistant, support for Cortana service integration in Harman Kardon Invoke speaker will also be withdrawn in January 2021. Users are going to receive a firmware update from Harman Kardon in the beginning of 2021 after which Cortana will no longer be available on the device. However, users will be able to continue listening to podcasts, music and radio stations through Bluetooth.

Microsoft Cortana support will also end in Surface Headphones’ first version in 2021. However, users will be able to solicit Cortana through Outlook mobile for managing inbox via Surface Earbuds.

As observed, Microsoft Cortana support has hitherto been withdrawn from its Launcher app for Android in Australia, India, China, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain and UK.


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