Cortana Is Bringing its Full Might To Android

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its plans to bring Cortana to the Android Operating System. Cortana is the resident digital assistant of the Windows and Windows Mobile Operating Systems, which, suffice it to say, is where the charming digital PA truly shines with all her abilities. Microsoft wanted to make Cortana the best digital assistant for not only computer but tablets and phones as well, and recognizing the fact that there is a vast array of Smartphones – and Smartphone Operating Systems – out there, Microsoft started work on an Android version of Cortana.

In July of this year, Microsoft provided a select group of members of the Windows Insider Program with an early version of Cortana for Android, and a couple of months later, the Cortana public Beta began and the very first iteration of Cortana for Android was published on the Google Play Store. If you have used Cortana on both Windows Phone and Android, you already know that Cortana is not nearly as powerful and as effective a digital assistant on Android as it is on Windows Phone, and Microsoft wants heartily to bridge that gap.

Some key features and functionalities of Cortana – the “Hey Cortana” hot phrase that wakes her up on Windows Phone, for example – are missing from the digital assistant’s Android counterpart. In an effort to make Cortana for Android the perfect companion to your Windows experience, Microsoft is constantly updating the Android app and bringing together the mighty Cortana we all know and love one piece at a time. Microsoft has now created a completely new version of Cortana for Android – a version that is as powerful as the digital assistant should be – and is offering it up to anyone willing to become a tester. The new testing version of Cortana for Android, although impressively powerful, is still unpublished as it need a few improvements and has a few bugs.

Microsoft aims to finally introduce the greatest iteration of Cortana for Android to date to the general populous, but before the folks at Microsoft can do so, they need to collaborate with a horde of willing testers to perfect the app. To gain access to the testing version of Cortana, all a person has to do is become a tester, download the Cortana app from the Google Play Store and they will receive an update for the app’s testing version which they can then download and install. Once the testing phase of this new build of the Cortana for Android app is over and it has been perfected, Microsoft will allow Cortana to bring its full might and entire arsenal to the Android OS.

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Cortana Is Bringing its Full Might To Android

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