Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Surely there are a number of choices when it comes to quality gaming mice but in our opinion, this one from Corsair takes the cake. A huge brand indeed with a variety of gaming peripherals released over the recent years and now they are back to claim the top spot in the gaming mice department.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

Comfortable & Versatile


  • Adjustable side grips for maximized comfort
  • Onboard Storage for taking your settings with you
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very Accurate optical sensor


  • Switches start to miss-click overtime
  • Non user friendly integrated software

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Connectivity: Wired | DPI: 18000 DPI | Sensor: PMW3391 | Weight: 115g | Warranty: 2 Years | Type: FPS and MOBA

VERDICT:The Glaive RGB Pro is an all-rounder in all aspects of gaming mice. From ensuring comfort to pinpoint accuracy, the mouse delivers as promised. Though extensive care might be needed for some parts of the mouse. Its release has indeed set high standards for other companies to rival.

The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro is a slightly upgraded version of its predecessor the Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse. With a number of added features plus some default ones as well, all in all, the mouse is proving itself to be a tough contender to beat.

Why should you buy the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro?

Ergonomic Shape Gives Great Comfort!

Well, it is pretty obvious that a gaming mouse is made essentially for gaming, but this mouse is a great choice for content creators too. With a pretty comfortable yet customizable grip, one can game on this mouse for hours and hours and still won’t feel any cramps or such.

The Glaive RGB Pro is directed towards professional athletes though due to its command on comfort and precision. Plus its integrated Corsair utility software through which esports gamers can save their overall settings makes it tournament friendly as well. This eliminates the need for reassigning binds to specific keys again and again in each gaming session, making it the best mouse for competitive gamers.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro vs the Original Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Though it is pretty common that the originals are better than their sequels, this is not the case here. There are certainly a lot of changes in features in the Glaive RGB Pro which highlight its superiority over the original.

Corsair Glaive’s Different Grip Styles

For example, the original Glaive contains only 6 buttons in total whereas the Glaive Pro now has 7 including the default left and right mouse button. This ultimately means more variety in binds which are a must have for any professional gamer. The sensor has also improved from the 16000 DPI on the original Glaive to the 18000 DPI on the Glaive Pro.

Obviously, all these upgrades come at a price. The Glaive Pro is certainly high in price as compared to the original but if you ask me, it is worth the investment.

Unboxing the Glaive RGB Pro

The Glaive RGB Pro comes in a neatly packaged yellow and black box, all taped for maximum security of the goods inside. Pretty simple to unbox yet provides all the satisfaction needed.

Overall you get 3 interchangeable thumb rests from which you can choose from, a good quality braided cable, an accessory bag, and a warranty card. With the thumb plates, one can easily customize the design of the mouse to best suit his/her grip.

Build and Design

The build quality of the mouse is quite sturdy, with a sleek aluminum and plastic body with modular side grips as well. The mouse is also 10% lighter than the original Glaive RGB but still some might consider it to be a bit heavy. It fits almost every palm size and with the strong build quality, it will probably endure a lot of abuse without any problem.

Interchangeable grips

There are 7 programmable buttons for users to experiment binds with. Plus the 3 RGB lighting zones on the mouse and the integrated Corsair utility software to control them makes it an excellent choice for custom RGB builds.


Connectivity is a pretty important factor when it comes to gaming mice as not every single one of them pairs so easily with most custom builds. Many problems occur whether they be software issues or in some circumstances, short cables.

The Glaive RGB Pro provides a hassle-free environment when it comes to compatibility as it’ll easily connect to any computer with a USB 2.0 port. Plus you’re also on the safe side when it comes to choosing the right Windows as it will cause no issues on Windows 7 and up. Though for some enthusiasts who prefer Wireless/Bluetooth connectivity will have to opt for Windows 8 or 10.


The Glaive RGB Pro comes with Corsair’s builtin iCUE software through which you can simultaneously configure binds, set macros, customize the RGB lights, adjust the DPI manually/accurately and save your settings with a click of a button. The software is compatible on all Corsair based equipment and is a must-have for any customize freak out there. The software does function excellently though in some instances many might have some difficulty in understanding the various controls it offers.


The main selling point for this mouse is its promise on comfort and adaptability. The 3 interchangeable thumb rests serve this purpose as anyone can adjust the size and grip of the mouse easily. Plus the grips snap on pretty conveniently as all of them are magnetic.

It’s overall built is directed towards right-hand users which means left-handed people are left out of the picture. The bottom of the mouse is fitted with 4 Teflon pads which ensures the stability of the mouse on virtually any smooth surface.

Sensor, Switches and Performance

Flawless Sensor

The mouse offers a good quality optical sensor which is extremely precise as well. The sensor’s DPI can be maxed out to 18000 DPI as mentioned before but let’s be real, not even pros will consider those levels.

It is fitted with high-performance Omron switches which claim to be rated for more than 50 million clicks. The switches are soft on the touch and do press easily without applying much pressure. The response time on the buttons are very fast as well which means they will cause no lags in between intense gaming sessions but many consumers face a common problem with the buttons as mentioned above. The switches tend to miss-click or double click over some time of use but surely Corsair is aware of the problem and will probably fix it in the near future. During our testing the sensor provided great performance with zero sensor spins, LOD issues and what not. We tested the mouse on FPS, MOBA and RPG games and found zero issues in terms of sensor and grip performance.

Additional Features

Another new adaptation that the Glaive RGB Pro offers is the 2 DPI buttons on the mouse. Now one can easily increase or decrease the DPI of the mouse without the need to set it manually through internal software. Whereas the original Glaive RGB only had one button for DPI adjustment through which you could only increase the DPI.


Wanting to go pro for a long time but it is your equipment that is limiting your potential? Are you a content creator but your fingers start to hurt after long editing sessions? Or if you’re just a gaming enthusiast who wants to add some zest in your peripherals? Not to worry as the Glaive RGB Pro has it all covered.

Providing the whole package of comfort, precision, accuracy, adjust-ability and convenience, the Glaive RGB Pro won’t fall short of providing its consumers a healthy gaming experience.

Price at the time of review: $70

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

Design - 8
Features - 7
Quality - 8
Performance - 8
Value - 7.5


User Rating: 4.6 ( 2 votes)
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