Corning’s ‘Gorilla Glass 6’ beats its Predecessor in Resistance and Durability by Surviving Multiple Drops

Corning today unveiled its Gorilla Glass 6 which provides “improved durability for next-generation mobile devices”. This latest product engineered by the scientists at Corning is specifically designed to be able to withstand at least fifteen consecutive drops from a height of one meter. It is also better than its predecessor Gorilla Glass 5 in terms of resistance and durability.

In its official press release the company revealed, ”A recent worldwide Toluna consumer study revealed that, on average, people drop their phones seven times a year, with more than 50 percent of the drops occurring at 1 meter or below. To improve cover glass performance, Corning scientists developed and engineered an entirely new material to address the challenge of multiple drops. On average, in lab tests, Gorilla Glass 6 survived 15 drops from 1 meter onto rough surfaces, and is up to two times better than Gorilla Glass 5.” The remarkable technology allows the glass to be more resilient to damage upon dropping.

It is indeed impressive that this new revelation from Corning can survive double the number of times people drop their phones in a year. It will be a great add-on feature for the smartphone users, especially for iPhone owners.

Until yet it would be difficult to anticipate whether Gorilla Glass 6 will be incorporated into smartphone devices such as the upcoming iPhones. However, according to the company’s official release, the glass is expected to reach the phone market in the coming few months.

Maira Ahmed
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Corning’s ‘Gorilla Glass 6’ beats its Predecessor in Resistance and Durability by Surviving Multiple Drops

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