Corning Announces Astra Glass for High-Performance Tablets, Notebooks, and 8K TVs

Corning is the clear leader currently when it comes to screen protection on smartphones. Nearly all mid-range and flagship Android smartphones come with the company’s Gorilla Glass protection layer on top. The company has now announced its latest glass substrate, dubbed Corning Astra Glass. Unlike the Gorilla Glass line from Corning, the new Astra Glass substrate is designed for mid-to-large sized displays. Corning showcased Astra Glass at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) event held in California this week.

Dimensionally Stable

Corning says that its Astra Glass has been developed to enable the higher pixel density of high-performance displays required by panel makers and meet consumer demands for brighter as well as more lifelike images. Astra Glass has everything that is needed in an oxide display glass to deliver lifelike images in 8K resolution – low total pitch variation, low total thickness variation, and low sag.

The latest Corning Astra Glass has been positioned for use in high-performance notebooks and tablets, along with large-size 8K TVs. Thanks to its unique properties, Corning Astra Glass is ideal for display panels with bright picture quality and fast response times. Unlike Gorilla Glass, scratch and damage resistance are not key properties of Astra Glass.

However, the company has not revealed exactly when the first devices featuring Astra Glass will be available for purchase. Apart from the new Astra Glass and Gorilla Glass, Corning’s lineup of glass substrates also includes Lotus NXT Glass optimized for flexible OLED panels, Iris Glass light-guide plate for edge-lit LCD displays, and Augmented Reality precision glass solutions.

It is possible that we may see at least a few notebooks and tablets featuring Astra Glass protection before the end of the year. 8K TVs are also growing in popularity, so the first 8K TV with Astra Glass might also arrive within the next few months. Apart from 8K TVs, we may see Astra Glass on future 8K PC monitors as well.

Tony Barratt
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