How to Copy and Paste Dates in Outlook 2010’s Calendar

All versions of Microsoft’s Office Outlook application come with a calendar that users can utilize to set their daily agendas and create appointments so that they themselves remember their daily schedules. However, sometimes appointments get moved up or down and some appointments need to be replicated for two or more days, and in the event something like this happens, most Outlook users would rather just copy the existing appointment and paste it onto a different date on their calendar. Copying an appointment from one date and pasting it onto another date is a feature that is supported by all versions of Outlook.

However, many Outlook 2010 users have reported being unable to copy appointments from one date and paste them onto another date, causing them to wonder if Microsoft has changed the way copy and paste works in Outlook 2010’s calendar or if they’ve even gone as far as to remove the feature altogether. Well, thankfully, none of those are the case – Outlook 2010 does support the copying of an appointment from one date to another, and the following are the two different methods that can be used to copy an appointment from one date on Outlook 2010’s calendar and pasting it onto another date:

Method 1: Using CTRL C/V

Navigate to Outlook 2010’s calendar.

Click on an appointment on any date you like to select it.

Press CTRL + C to copy the select appointment.

Click on a different date on the calendar.

Press CTRL + V to paste the copied appointment onto the new date.

Copy and Paste Dates in Outlook 2010 Calendar

Method 2: Drag the Appointment

Navigate to Outlook 2010’s calendar.

Right-click and hold on the appointment that you want to copy and, while doing so, drag the appointment to a different date.

The appointment will be copied from its original location to the new date.

While both of these methods should work for most Outlook 2010 users, some users may see that only one of these two methods work for them.

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How to Copy and Paste Dates in Outlook 2010’s Calendar

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