How to Convert Numerical Digits to Words in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a critically acclaimed and widely used spreadsheet application which is a part of the Microsoft Office suit. It’s uses ranges from minor record keeping to a full scale budgeting in a company and also can be used for building charts, forms, graphs by storing and manipulating data. While it is full of excellent features, it lacks a small but useful feature i.e. a way to convert numerical digits into words. For example, converting 45,600 into Forty Five Thousand & Six Hundred (Your Currency) Only.

This feature can save a user a lot time for example while shaping up invoices, etc. Also human error can be reduced to none through this as the conversion will be done by MS Excel itself. Although as mentioned before there is no function that can be used for this purpose, but fortunately MS Excel do offers a solution which enables us to create a function to tackle queries like these. Specifically, MS Excel offers the platform of Visual Basic (Built-in) which can be used to create functions such as the one that we are we are going to make later on in this guide. Also the method we will use does not require you to enable Macro in an Excel Sheet.

How to Make an Excel Function to Convert Numerical Digits to Words

To create the function, Run Microsoft Excel.

Press and Hold the Alt key and Press F11 to open up Visual Basic.

If the Visual Basic window doesn’t show up, you will have to first install this feature in Microsoft Office. To do so, simply Press and Hold the Windows key and Press R.

In the Run dialog box, Type appwiz.cpl and Press Enter. Programs and Features windows will open.

In the list, Right Click on Microsoft Office and Click Change.

Select Add or Remove features and Click Continue.

Now in the Installation Options tab, Click on Office Shared Features and Click Run from My Computer. Now Click Continue.

After the process completes, Run Microsoft Excel and Open the Visual Basic application now.

Now in the Visual Basic window, Click Insert and then Click Module. A new window will open with the name Module1.

In that window, Copy and Paste this code if your currency is in Dollars:

After pasting the code, Press and Hold the Windows key and Press S to Save the code as an Excel Add-In. To do so, give it the name NumToWords and in the Save as type drop down menu, Select Excel Add-In and Click Save. The newly created function will now be saved as an Add In.

Now in order access that function through the Add-In, Open an Excel Spreadsheet.

Click on File in the upper left corner and Click Options.

Click on Add-Ins in the left pane.

Select Excel Add-Ins in the drop down for the Manage Option. Now Click Go.

In the Add-Ins window, Place a Check next to NumToWords and Click Ok. This is a one-time process only.

Now you will be able to use the function named NumToWords to convert Numerical digits into Words easily. Just type in any cell =NumToWords(CellAddress) and Press Enter.

If your currency is other than the ones above, leave us a comment and we will get back at you.


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How to Convert Numerical Digits to Words in Excel

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