Intel Unveils Complete Specifications of the Arc A GPUs

As each day passes, we eventually inch closer to the launch of Intel’s Arc A-GPUs. Today, Intel themselves officially revealed the specifications for the Arc A lineup. Of course, there are a few changes in contrast to the original leaks. 

The Arc Lineup

The chart features the GPUs we can expect on launch. Interestingly, it includes no mention of the Arc A310.

Arc A380

Starting off, we have the Intel Arc A380. This GPU is identical to the leaks shipping with 8GB of 15.5Gbps G6 VRAM across a 96-bit memory bus for an effective bandwdith of 186GBps. The GPU out of the box clocks in at 2000MHz. As for the other specs, we have 8Xe Cores paired with 8RT Units and 128XMX Engines. 

Arc A580

The mid-ranged Arc A580 put up against the RTX 3050 sees a massive bump in memory bandwidth standing at a whopping 512GBps. Powered by 24Xe Cores, 24RT Units and 384XMX Engines, this GPU packs a punch. The VRAM is similar to the RTX 3050 standing at 8GB. 

Intel Arc A Lineup | Intel

Arc A750

The high-end, A750 has a similar 8GB specification along with 512GBps of memory bandwidth. The GPU is not massive upgrade from the A580 with just 4 additional Xe Cores and RT Units (28 Each) along with 448XMX Engines.

Arc A770

Last, but not the least we have the kingpin, the Intel Arc A770. This GPU has 2 configurations with 8GB and 16GB of VRAM. Do note that the ‘Limited Edition‘ variant from team blue will ship with 16GB of memory. AIB partners can manufacture the 8GB variant if they want. The memory bandwidth is again, not a massive jump standing at 560GBps with slightly increased Xe cores/RT Unit counts (32). 

Intel Arc A770 Fan Design | Intel via Wccftech

Launch Plans

Intel aims to launch their Arc A series ‘very soon’ and in ‘select countries’ which are yet to be named. Whatever the case may be, Intel is late to the party as Lovelace and RDNA 3 are just around the corner. You can purchase these GPUs when available from Intel’s official website and a few select retailers.


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