COLORFUL Announces GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Graphics Cards with An Insane 510W Maximum TDP

A few weeks ago, Videocardz broke the news that the RTX 3090 Ti, NVIDIA’s upcoming elusive flagship GPU, would launch on March 29th with day-and-date reviews and sales going live alongside. Well, fast forward to today, it’s 29th March and NVIDIA has just officially launched the RTX 3090 Ti. Add-in Board Partners (AIBs) have also announced their own variants of the RTX 3090 Ti, and apart from the comically thick MSI variants, none have quite captured my attention as the ones from COLORFUL.

COLORFUL is a relatively well-known and reputed brand in the world of computers. They are mostly known for manufacturing cost-effective storage solutions and graphics cards for pretty much every budget. The company has just announced three new RTX 3090 Ti GPUs, two of which have a pretty insane selling point. A few articles ago, I talked about how a leaked variant of the RTX 3090 Ti had specs dangerously close to a 500W TDP. COLORFUL just made that a reality.

These GPUs are getting crazy

The COLORFUL iGame GeForce™ RTX 3090 Ti Vulcan and iGame GeForce™ RTX 3090Ti Neptune are both beasts of a GPU featuring an insane 510W TDP. That’s right, these cards come with a factory overclock option that pushed them to a power limit of 510W with the base power being rated at 480W. That 480W base power is the same as maximum boost TDP of the highest-end RTX 3090 Ti in MSI’s lineup.

RTX 3090 Ti Vulcan actually goes one step ahead and adds a whole frickin’ screen in the center of the GPU that can be used to show real-time monitoring stats or play any custom GIFs. The display, which is an LCD with a 480×128 resolution, can even be rotated 90° to stay visible in a vertically mounted orientation. Apart from that, you can see in the pictures below just how much of an absolute chonker this GPU really is.

COLORFUL RTX 3090 Ti Vulcan with its rotatable screen | COLORFUL, Videocardz

Moreover, the RTX 3090 Ti Neptune is actually a water-cooled GPU. It comes with its own 240mm radiator attached to the card. COLORFUL says it’s using an improved water block design to cool down the card more effectively and efficiently. One interesting bit about the water-cooling here is that the fittings connected to the GPU can actually be rotated to accommodate for comfortable radiator placement.

There is one last GPU COLORFUL announced and that is the RTX 3090 Ti NB EX, but that is largely an unexciting variant with the only notable quality being how weirdly squared off it is. It’s got some red accent going around to give a touch of color and flare up the aesthetic. However, this variant does not have a factory overclock option and the TDP is advertised as 480W, which is still 30W higher than the baseline 450W TDP NVIDIA created for the 3090 Ti.


With cards crossing the 500W barrier openly available in the market, this will impact how we look at acceptable efficiency standards and how the future of flagship GPUs will shape out to be. At least an 850W power supply is recommended for these RTX 3090 Ti variants, but that is the bare minimum you should have. To be on the safe side, a 1000W power supply makes sense which incurs more cost on the consumer as power requirements keep increasing.

This is also on top of the RTX 3090 Ti barely offering an improvement over its non-Ti sibling, yet consuming 100W more power, raising the question if it’s really worth it to conjure up a space heater in the form of your PC     for 5-10% extra performance. Regardless, the RTX 3090 Ti is now officially out after weeks upon weeks of delays and it costs $1999, precisely $500 more than the RTX 3090.

Huzaifa Haroon
Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a Windows enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him writing about operating systems, striving to inform the curious.

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COLORFUL Announces GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Graphics Cards with An Insane 510W Maximum TDP

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