Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon Features Hybrid Cooling

All-in-one Liquid Cooler With Additional Fan

The Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon was featured at Computex 2018 but this information did not reach the mainstream, so why not share it with you now. It seems that the next generation of graphics cards from Colorful have the same coolers as the current generation so you can imagine why people did not take much interesting in them. But the GPU at the lower right is indeed the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon.

The Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon comes with an all-in-one liquid cooler but there is also a fan on the main body so it is kind of a hybrid. The shroud looks like a reference design model because of the blower style fan but that is pretty common in cards like these.

Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon
Colorful Next Generation Products

We know that the liquid cooled cards like these have lower clock speeds but one of the major selling points of these graphics cards is that they run very silent. That might as well be the case with the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon as well. While the cooler is the same, the performance of the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon should be much better as compared to the GTX 1080.

From the design and cooling you can imagine that this GPU will cost a lot of money and while there is no information on pricing right now, at least not official numbers, I would not be surprised if the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon cost more than $700. This is a premium graphics card after all and the cooling solution is meant for a niche, that wants a liquid cooled graphics card out of the box and ready to go.

Above the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon is another next generation GPU which is air cooled and comes with a custom cooler with 3 fans. That should be enough to keep things cool even on air. Colorful has made a name for itself in the market and is known for designs that are out there and pretty unique. Colorful could be the Lamborgini of graphics cards and I mean that in a very positive sense. It will be interesting to see what kind of performance the Colorful GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon will have to offer.

Talha Amjad
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