Codemasters Tease Dirt Rally 2, Full Reveal Tomorrow

A sequel to the off-road racing game Dirt Rally could be in development. Originally released in 2015, it has been nearly three years since the launch of the first Dirt Rally game. Earlier today, developer Codemaster shared a teaser in the form of a vague tweet, accompanied with a screenshot.

At the same time as Codemasters’ tweet, the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Onrush Twitter accounts posted the same message, although the latter has been deleted to avoid confusion. In a second tweet, an image showcasing an Audi in the dark was also posted alongside a timestamped caption. With no more information given, we will have to wait till tomorrow 10:30 BST, when a full reveal is expected to be shared.

Judging from the image, it is fairly obvious that the teaser is related to the Dirt Rally series. As the most recent game released in the Dirt series was Dirt 4, we can tell from the caption that Codemasters is working on the off-road spin-off. After some speculation, we can expect the cryptic “2.0” to indicate a sequel, or even a remaster of Dirt Rally.

The most recent title to be released in the main Dirt series was Dirt 4 in 2017. While fans who were expecting Dirt 5 will be disappointed, rally racing enthusiasts will be glad to hear the news. Rally driver Oliver Solberg, who has recently interacted with Codemasters, also tweeted the same message. In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, Solberg mentioned his involvement with Codemasters regarding a new rally game due for release in 2019. Take this with a grain of salt as, without an official announcement, this information is only speculative.

Farhan Ali
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