Classic Shell Rebrands Itself as Open Shell and Transitions into Open Source

Classic Shell is a software that was designed by Ivo Beltchev to allow for the customization of the Windows Start menu so that you can improve your access and visibility of your applications to your liking. News has just emerged that the software is undergoing a name change from Classic Shell to Open Shell Menu as it also transitions into an opensource software state.

The transition into opensource is the first noticeable change in the software in a long while despite it having undergone numerous name changes in the recent past to stay in the news. Classic Shell was rebranded as NeoClassic-UI which is now being spearheaded under the label Open Shell Menu, which fitting given its newly announced open source nature. There are no changes in the functionality of the software, however.

The new Open Shell Menu installer is renamed to the OpenShellSetup_4_4_ 126.exe. The rebranded software is available on GitHub although not all of the links included are working. The upload includes the classic style start menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It also includes the toolbar for Windows Explorer, classic copy UI for Windows 7, and show file size in Explorer status bar. In addition to this, the title bar and status bar for Internet Explorer are also a part of the package.

A commenter on Born’s IT and Windows Blog has come forward with an argument against the installation of this software. Stefan Kanthak believes that the administrator privileges demanded by the .exe installer may allow resident dormant malware to become active. The malware can detect the unpacking process in the system and can copy a DLL file over into the temp folder which would otherwise be restricted. As the Windows installer goes on to try and run its own DLL, the malicious DLL is called out to and is inaugurated with administrator privileges to corrupt the system as it intends.

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Classic Shell Rebrands Itself as Open Shell and Transitions into Open Source

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