Chrono Trigger for PC Receives one Final Update That Adds Extras, Key Bindings, and More

The final major update for Chrono Trigger on Steam adds the ability to bind keys to your keyboard, mouse, or gamepad, as well as the ability to view extra content

The Chrono Trigger port for PC has gotten one final major update on Steam. The game has been receiving a steady stream of updates since it was released on Steam eariler this year, at the end of the patch notes, the author noted: “The project staff would sincerely like to thank everyone for their opinions and feedback during this time. Please keep supporting the Steam edition of CHRONO TRIGGER.”

One big change is the addition of key bindings for gamepad, keyboard, and mouse. You can change the keybindings by going into the settings and choosing the input method of your choice. In addition, you can now use the mouse more freely in-game by using right click to cancel actions, and left click to confirm. You can also move your character around by clicking and dragging across the screen.

The second big change comes in the form of a extras menu which houses what you probably think of when you hear the word “extras” in a game. You can check out the extras menu to view any and all movie scenes from the game, you can listen to the soundtrack, view various illustrations from the game, and also view any endings that you unlock. Keep in mind that any progress you’ve made in the game up until the update is negligable and you have to view endings again if you want them to show up in the extras menu.

Aside from those changes, there have been a number of small adjustments and bug fixes in this latest update, all of which are listed down below:

  • The item selection window has been changed to adapt its size to the actual number of items in the player’s possession. Due to this, it is now no longer possible to leave gaps between items in the list.
  • Movement settings have been re-implemented on the config. Screen. When set to “dash” the default movement speed will be running, and holding down the cancel button while moving will make characters walk. The “walk” setting is the opposite configuration.
  • A confirmation dialogue is now shown when selecting “return to default” from the config screen.
  • It is now possible to use direct keyboard input when entering names.
  • A confirmation dialogue is now displayed when confirming entered names. If characters unable to be displayed in-game are used when entering a name, this can be checked when the dialogue is shown.
  • The Simplified Chinese font used has been changed from the devices standard font, to one that better fits the aesthetic of the game.
  • Issues where the game would sometimes not boot correctly on PCs with specific graphics cards installed has been fixed.
  • Issues where some graphics and effects would not display correctly at specific screen sizes has been fixed.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

The full patch documentation can be found here.

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Chrono Trigger for PC Receives one Final Update That Adds Extras, Key Bindings, and More

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