Microsoft Suggests A Fix For The Chromium Edge Bug Causing Black Screen

The new Microsoft Edge browser has successfully grabbed the attention of thousands of people around the world. The browser comes with numerous interesting features but there are some issues as well.

Recently, some Chromium Edge users are now reporting that their displays turn black all of a sudden. The user reports suggest that the problem occurs at random times without any intimation or warning during a browsing session.

According to Microsoft Edge users, they can no longer work as the display window turns black because of this strange issue. Microsoft has already confirmed the bug and noted that it could be caused by a graphic compatibility error. It is one of the major reasons why the problem doesn’t exist on all systems.

It is worth noting that the bug only affects the preview builds of the Chromium Edge browser. It clearly means that the stable version still works without any problems.

Microsoft Acknowledges The Black Screen Bug

Notably, although Microsoft has already rolled out a fix, the bug is still listed as a known issue. Moreover, there is no word from Microsoft about the type of devices that could be affected by the black screen issue.

According to some users, they managed to restore the normal behavior of the browser by rebooting the device. While others simply had to restart Chromium Edge to fix the issue. However, the fix didn’t work for everyone and Microsoft recommends its users that they can get rid of the problem by killing the GPU process in the Task Manager.

Here is how Microsoft explained the problem and the fix in the Edge beta version 82.0.439.1 announcement article:

“After an initial fix for it recently, some users are still experiencing Edge windows becoming all black. UI popups like menus are not affected and opening the Browser Task Manager (keyboard shortcut is shift + esc) and killing the GPU process usually fixes it. Note that this only appears to affect users with certain hardware.”

If you are on the same boat, you should install the latest version of Dev Edge to fix this problem. Moreover, those who are still experiencing a similar issue should uninstall the browser and reinstall it. Keep in mind that you need to delete the user data when prompted during the uninstallation process.

Did the trick work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Microsoft Suggests A Fix For The Chromium Edge Bug Causing Black Screen

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