Chromium-Based Edge Leaked Images Shed Some Light On Microsoft’s Upcoming Browser

Back in December of last year, Microsoft addressed a highly circulated rumor regarding a new Edge browser. They confirmed that they were indeed building a whole new Edge browser based on Chromium. Ever since then, Microsoft has not revealed anything major regarding the browser. The only detail we have gotten regarding the browser up till now was a leaked image of its logo. However, today some new leaked images have come to light, detailing some interesting information regarding the browser.

Edge Logo

New Leaked Images

Today, screenshots of the new Chromium-based Edge browser were revealed. These screenshots give us an insight into the browser’s current unfinished state.

Edge Source – Neowin

A quick look at the pictures above and we can already see that the browser is considerably different from the current EdgeHTML-based Edge browser. However, the overall design language and icons seem to have remained the same. From the screenshots, we can see the work Microsoft has put into the start page. You can change the layout, and customize various things on the start page  of the browser. The main problem that seems to be present is the massive Google Chrome resemblance, for example, the profile picture similarity and the settings menu which will open in a separate dedicated tab. However, it must be noted that the browser is still in early development, and will hopefully develop its own identity later down the line.


Despite the switch to Chromium, Microsoft will be sticking with Bing as the default search engine. As we can see from the Bing wallpaper in the new tab. Moreover, Microsoft will be allowing extensions to be added from the Chrome web store, However, they also have plans to launch its own extension store to co-exist with the Chrome web store.

Edge Source – Neowin

Furthermore, another screenshot confirms that Microsoft Edge will be divided into two different versions, just like Chrome. The Screenshot from a few weeks ago confirmed that the upcoming Edge browser would feature a  “Canary” version. While the screenshot leaked today confirmed that the upcoming Edge would also be coming with a “Dev” version.


It was reported that Microsoft had plans to launch the new browser in early 2019. However, these images suggest that the Edge browser still has a considerable way to go till its ready for a public release. Microsoft themselves have not commented on the release date of the browser at the moment, but we will keep you informed if any more details are brought to light regarding the upcoming browser.

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