Chromium 73 Adds DuckDuckGo As A Default Search Engine Option Within Chrome

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine, and it looks like any other search engine, however, under the hood, it really isn’t.  The DuckDuckGo search engine protects searchers’ privacy and it avoids providing users the filter bubble of personalized search results. It shows all users the same search results in the given time and does not profile its users. Another search engine which operates, in the same manner, is Qwant.

Addition To Chromium-Based Browsers

Yesterday, in a shock move Google has added DuckDuckGo into their list of default search engines. Not only was DuckDuckGo added, but they have also added even more pro-privacy rivals in more than 60 markets globally. These changes were quietly released in the Chromium 73 stable release yesterday.

All these new search engines additions were Region-based according to  Google software engineer Orin Jaworski. Mr. Jaworski states that the new list of search engines references per country is “completely replaced based on new usage statistics” from “recently collected data.” You can read the search engines reference per country on a GitHub instance.  Qwant was also added to the list of default search engines within Chrome.

DuckDuckGo Founder Gabe Weinberg stated that  “We’re glad that Google has recognized the importance of offering consumers a private search option.” Qwant co-founder Eric Leandri also said “Thank You” to Google after they added the search engine as an option in France, their home country.

TechCrunch made an interesting speculation regarding the timing of all these events.  They found out that the Chromium GitHub instance is dated back to December 2018. This was also the same time that Google sold the domain to DuckDuckGo.  TechCrunch reached out to Google for a comment, but they have not responded as of yet.  You can read more about the addition of these search engines in TechCrunch’s article here.

A full country list to which DuckDuckGo was added is available here.

Murtaza Islam
Murtaza is a Computer Science student who takes immense interest in mobile technology. He believes the future of computing lies in smartphones because ARM architecture will eventually take over. He also loves to tinker with ROMs and kernels keeping up with the latest in smartphones.

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Chromium 73 Adds DuckDuckGo As A Default Search Engine Option Within Chrome

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