After Aw, Snap! Bug, Latest Chrome Build Changes The Color Of Text In The Tabs’ Title

Windows 10 users received a new update for Google Chrome quiet recently. Google Chrome 78.0.3904.70 brings a series of improvements including a built-in password checkup utility and more customization options on the NTP.

As a part of the changes introduced by the new version, you can now launch a new customization panel by clicking the Customize button available on the New Tab page (NTP). You can find this button at the bottom right corner of the page. Notably, the Background tab in the customization panel allows you to set custom wallpaper on the NTP.

Despite the new features introduced by the update, it turned out to be a headache for Chrome users. We have already reported about the Aw, Snap! bug and now the forum reports [1, 2] highlight another annoying issue. The latest version has changed the color of the text in the title of Chrome tabs.

With the previous version, it was of a clear grey, which to my taste was much friendlier in the eyes than the current white. Do you know any way I could change the color of that text back?

People are looking for ways to undo the changes in the text color. A Redditor who installed Chrome version 78.0.3904.70 complained about this issue as well.

Today it looks like Chrome updated to have the tab text be white on whichever window I’m currently on. Does anyone know how I can change it to be black like before? 

Google has already acknowledged the Aw, Snap bug but this one still needs to be investigated.

Chrome To Support Tab Dragging Functionality

There are times when we wish that there was an option to quickly replicate tabs between browsers. It looks like Google is already working on such a feature to facilitate its users.

Google engineers are working on a drag and drop functionality for Chrome tabs. It means that you will soon be able to drag and drop tabs from Google Chrome to other browsers and vice versa. It is an experimental feature that is currently available in the latest version of Chrome Canary.

You need to enable a flag named Mix browser type tabs to use it. You can access it directly at chrome://flags/#mix-browser-type-tabs. Here is how Google describes the functionality of the flag:

Allows tabs to be dragged between any browsers that support tabs, including apps – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Those who are running Chrome Canary version 80.0.3948.0 can try dragging tabs between Chrome, Safari and other Chromium-based browsers. However, it is pretty much possible that the feature might not work as expected in some cases.

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After Aw, Snap! Bug, Latest Chrome Build Changes The Color Of Text In The Tabs’ Title

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