Chrome OS Announces Feature for iPhone Users: iPhones Will be Able to Share Internet via USB Tethering

Perhaps the journey we move towards today is integration. While in the past we have seen excellent products from individual manufacturers, a one device network is yet to establish itself. Be it the iPhone with its excellent camera, it still cannot share photos over Bluetooth or wifi direct with android phones. Similarly, while the world shifts towards USB type C, Apple is railing with two different power ports: Lightning ports and USB type C.

What people really want though is a world in which they are not bound by brand labels but only by certain limits of technology. Perhaps many people can remember every Iron Man movie (if you don’t, RDJ judges you). It was in these movies we would see Tony nonchalantly projecting his phone literally anywhere. Now imagine if he was bound by branded tags. Imagine Jarvis showing an error saying his Samsung could not connect to the Apple TV. I fail to see why we cannot give in to a completely integrated world. Instead, we give in to this capitalist market which mooches off of us at every corner.

Chrome OS
Chrome OS functions with Android Phones like MacOS works with iPhones

Coming back to the epitome of otherisation, we look over Apple once again. There are a couple of really good features and pieces of technology the company has to offer. And while not everyone may be an Apple fanboy, they would love to share this with those who are. Similarly, Google came up with its Chrome OS. Although relatively not that old, the operating system has attained a fancy number of users. Perhaps it is through Chrome OS that Android manages to otherize Apple. It is this reversal of roles that creates a dichotomy in the market.

USB Tethering on Chrome OS

Users may be interested to know that while they may just plug in their iPhones to their computers to share the internet, Chrome OS reserves these rights. While users still have the choice to share the internet via Wifi Hotspot, saving battery life and plugging in your phone would not be an option. While I may have sympathy for Apple in this case, the pseudo-technological war dictates that this is quite necessary. Only by taking up these steps that we see companies accommodating their users and forming integrations with brands.

USB tethering allows users to connect to computers via phone’s wire connection to give internet connection

In the case of USB tethering though, a recent report by 9to5Google suggests that the feature may be coming to the Chrome OS soon. According to the report, the Chromium commit mentions that while the personal hotspot is a solution to the existing problem, it does not offer a streamlined passage as does a wired connection. Perhaps even people would agree that something so small shouldn’t be holding certain users back a notch from buying Chrome Books.

Currently, if users were to connect their iPhones to the Chrome device, they would only see the devices loaded as an external disk and nothing more. Ethernet capabilities would not be available. According to the report, developers are trying to allow this integration, opening doors to new consumers and a new market base.


Perhaps, this would be a good step by Google. We should applaud a welcoming step like these by companies. Not only would it serve iPhone users, but it would also open up a new consumer base for Google’s Chrome OS. From a user’s perspective, saving some battery gains would be beneficial too. In today’s day and age, something as little as “lack of support” shouldn’t hold users back. This is so 2010 of Google. Heck! even Apple doesn’t impose such extreme measures on its operating system (ignoring the need for Android File transfer just to access Android phones).

As of now, we are uncertain when this patch would allow iPhone users to be able to share internet via USB tethering. But, rest assured, since it is announced, it would arrive to the operating system in the new future.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Chrome OS Announces Feature for iPhone Users: iPhones Will be Able to Share Internet via USB Tethering

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