Chrome Canary Gets A New Option To Reduce The Number Of Notification Prompts On Android Phones

Web browsing, especially on the smartphone, is not really a pleasant experience these days. People are usually complaining that browsers constantly seek location details, send notifications or ask to accept cookies. Google is working to improve the user experience for everyone.

As we know, Chrome has an option to disable notification prompts as per your requirement. However, there are billions of people who prefer to keep them enabled. If so, Chrome’s new feature aims to make the notification prompts less annoying for Android users.

Google has added a new settings entry in the latest Chrome Canary build that allows you to disable notification sounds. Last month, Google added a flag titled “Quieter notification permission prompts” to perform similar functionality in Chromium Canary.

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Apparently, the new options are available for everyone regardless of the fact that you have enabled the flag or not.

Steps To Enable New Notification Settings In Chrome

Those who are running the latest version of Chrome Canary can follow these steps to access the new notification settings in your browser:

  1. Open your browser, and go to the three dots menu and tap Settings > Notifications > General > Permission requests.
  2. Tap on Important and choose any of your desired options (High, Default, Low or Trivial).

High — Allows the notification to pop on the screen along with a sound.

Default — A sound is produced when you receive a notification.

Low — Allows the notification to quietly appear on your screen without any sound.

Trivial — Allows the notification to minimize after quietly appearing on your screen.

Considering the fact that notification prompts are often annoying for the users, The Low or Trivial settings could be an ideal solution to deal with this problem.

It is worth noting that the feature is currently in the works. At the time of writing this article, the settings menu just has two Permission request entries. It seems like more options will be available once the code is finalized.

A recent survey conducted by Mozilla revealed that PC users don’t accept around 99% notification prompts. Furthermore, visitors actively reject more than 48% notifications. The results of the study showed that users accepted only 23.66 million prompts out of 1.45 billion. Moreover, 500 million people intentionally declined those notifications.

Perhaps that new changes would be beneficial for all Chrome users, making it easier for them to avoid notification spams.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Chrome Canary Gets A New Option To Reduce The Number Of Notification Prompts On Android Phones

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