Chrome Is Getting a New ‘Tab Hover’ feature And a New Extensions Menu

We have already seen improvements on the chromium edge the default browser of Windows 10. Now Google is planning to bring the ‘tab preview’ one of the loved features of Edge to its Chrome browser. The testing of the function started in February on Chrome Canary. The feature is still in the testing phase though users of Chrome 75 can now enable it. The tab hover displays a preview of the window/tab when you hover the mouse pointer over it.

If your Windows machine has Chrome 75 and the flags ‘Tab Hover Cards’, ‘Tab Hover Card Images’ are enabled you will be able to see the tab previews when you hover your mouse over the tabs. The same as what the users of Edge usually do. The feature is not enabled by default in the latest Chrome. It is not sure whether the feature will be enabled in the next build by default. If you are the person who has tons of tabs at the same time, it is the feature to look for.

If we look at it through a consumer’s perspective, the ‘partnership’ between Google and Microsoft to make Edge a better browser has become fruitful for both companies. Chromium edge is vastly superior, and Google Chrome is getting these minor features from the Edge.


We have previously reported that Google is working on a better extensions tab. Now Windows latest reports that Google has also been testing a new extensions menu in Google Canary. It looks like the feature is almost ready for everyone to use. The feature is hidden behind the flags in the Chrome 75 too. The new Chrome’s extensions toolbar groups all extensions of your browser.

It not only saves the space on Chrome’s toolbar but also makes it easier to manage the extensions. The extensions menu has its icon on the toolbar. The feature is useful for those who have hundreds of extensions on their browsers.

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Chrome Is Getting a New ‘Tab Hover’ feature And a New Extensions Menu

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