Google Chrome’s Global Media Playback Controls Bug Is Ruining The User Experience

Previously, Google Chrome users had to go through a bit of a hassle in order to pause a video playing in Chrome’s tab. The whole process involved navigating to the specific tab, pressing the pause button and then going back to the previous tab.

In other words, there was no shortcut that could be used to pause the video. However, Google took notice of the problem and decided to address this issue. Chrome v79 toolbar now has a new option named “global media controls”.

The Global Media Controls UI makes it easier for Chrome users to control all the media playing in the browser. Thus, you can use a single button to play/pause a series on Netflix or a YouTube video. The feature is already available in Chrome 79 and you don’t need an experimental flag to enable it.

Global Media Controls Plagued With Video Glitching Bug

It seems to be a pretty handy option for people who are interested in playing media in the browser. But apparently the feature comes with some problems as well.


The OP noticed the video glitching issue when more than one media source was playing in two different tabs:

“I had a youtube video playing in one tab, and a song playing on spotify in a diff tab. This is when the video glitching started happening.”

The user explained that the problem happened when the user tried to play a Spotify song in one tab and a YouTube video in a different tab. However, the number of users affected by this issue are still unknown.

Moreover, it looks like some users are quite unhappy with the existing implementation of Global Media Playback Controls. Redditors demanded a keyboard shortcut to control the media playback functionality in Chrome.

Although its a minor addition but a change like this can enhance the user experience for many people. Let’s hope that Google fixes the glitch and releases a patch for all Chrome users very soon.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Google Chrome’s Global Media Playback Controls Bug Is Ruining The User Experience

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