Google Chrome’s New Crash Page Can Let You Diagnose Issues On Windows 10

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers that is preferred by billions of users due to its advanced features. Besides all the advantages the browser has some inherent issues that need to be addressed as well.

Google Chrome users are familiar with a crash page that displays the infamous Aw, Snap message. The page is displayed every time a user is unable to access a specific web page. However, at the moment the crash page doesn’t inform users about the actual cause behind the page crash.

This situation is pretty much frustrating for web users who are interested in troubleshooting the issue. The problem was reported by several users on different platforms. The good news is, Google has already started to work on a solution to this problem.

A Chromium code commit shows that Google plans to make it easier for Chrome users to troubleshoot the issues. Google plans to facilitate the troubleshooting process by adding error codes on the error page. Consequently, Chrome users would be using the error codes to diagnose the actual cause behind the error.

Google explains the change in a commit titled “Show crash exit code on sad tab page”.

“To aid in troubleshooting of crashed tabs, display the renderer process’ exit code on the sad tab page.”

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The code change request is driven by a bug report “put crash exit code on sad tab page” last month. Google has also provided some mockups to show how the error page would be redesigned:

“To make it easier to diagnose user reports of the sad tab, perhaps we could consider putting the crash exit code on the sad tab as we do for SSL errors. Then users can google for the error, we can seed help center pages to help users, everyone wins.”

Chrome crash page error
Source: Chromium Gerrit

Chrome users who want to diagnose the issue may need to read some additional documentation to understand the error codes. Once the change is rolled out, a quick search of the error code will allow you to understand the error message.

In addition to the revamped error page, Google’s Help Center team is also working on the support articles. Chrome users can read those articles to know more about the diagnosing process. The new error page will be available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux.

It remains to be seen when Google engineers complete the development and testing process. You can keep an eye on the Chromium Gerrit page to track the progress.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Google Chrome’s New Crash Page Can Let You Diagnose Issues On Windows 10

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