Google Chrome To Get Copy-Paste Support For Animated GIF Images

Since the launch of Microsoft Edge, Google is probably working pretty hard to improve the performance of its web browser. It’s because of the fact that the new Chromium powered browser brings more or less the same features as its rivals.

In fact, some people have already switched to Chrome and shared their experiences on different forums including Reddit [1, 2, 3]. If you are one of those desktop browser users who are planning to switch, you’ll be definitely interested in the upcoming addition in Google Chrome.

The search giant is finally working on a new feature that promises to make it possible for you to copy-paste animated GIF images. So, this change aims to enable you to copy the whole animated image rather than a single frame.

At the moment, the copy-paste functionality is only available for Google images. In other words, Chrome lets you copy an image from the Google search results and paste it into your documents. However, this functionality isn’t available for GIF images.

Copy-Paste Support for GIF Is Coming Soon

It is one of the reasons that copy-paste support for GIF was one of the highly requested features from Chrome users. According to the bug reports [1, 2], Chrome doesn’t allow users to paste the whole animated GIF. It seems like Google engineers are finally willing to address this issue for everyone.

A recently spotted Chromium Gerrit commit says explains the change as “Add gif support for image share and copy”. Google didn’t share complete details about this change, though. Unfortunately, we were unable to dig deep into the details as the bug report associated with this feature is currently restricted.

Needless to say, the animated GIF is currently a popular feature among social media users. Platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, and even messaging boards support animated GIFs. Moreover, PowerPoint presentations support this feature as well.

It remains to be seen when Google decides to speak on this matter and confirm the new feature. We’ll probably have to wait until the change comes down the pipeline for testing.

Do you think that the copy-paste functionality for Chrome is something that would be useful for you? Let us know in the comments down below.


Alex Schoff

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