Chrome Canary Gets A Fix For Extensions Incorrectly Marked As Corrupt, QR Code Generator In The Pipeline

Many Chrome users often experience a problem when their extensions get corrupted. Some recent reports suggest that the browser extensions were incorrectly marked as Corrupt. When this happens, your browser disables the extension for the time being and you can use the repair button to fix this issue.

However, this is an annoying situation when you need to deal with this issue on a regular basis. Apparently, it is a general problem that happens randomly. Thankfully, Google took notice of the issue and resolved the problem in a recent Chromium Gerrit commit. Google’s engineers did the following two changes to fix it.

This CL does the following two things related to the issue:
– Fixes FinishBlock so that it doesn’t fail if file abort error
is already seen. This primarily takes care of the issue.
– Stops queueing of contents in ContentVerifyJob::queue_ if any
such error has already been seen. This should help as this
has potential for future incorrect hash mismatches.

For those who are experiencing a similar problem, the change has already landed in Chrome Canary 78.0.3895.

QR Code Generator Coming Soon For Chrome Desktop Users

Google is working to add a QR code generator in Chrome that will allow you to generate QR codes for websites. The functionality would be initially limited to the desktop version of the browser.

Although we can not deny the fact that Google Chrome has hundreds of extensions that perform similar functionality. However, keeping in mind its usefulness, the company has now decided to provide a built-in feature.

The change was mainly triggered by a bug report. Here is how one of the users demanded the QR code functionality.

[QR Generator] Basic functionality – right-click entry point should trigger a views dialog that has a QR code displayed and the URL which it corresponds to.

A close look at the Chromium Gerrit commit indicates that Google initially plans to offer the QR Generator feature to the desktop users. However, the company plans to extend the functionality to mobile users as well. At the time of writing this article, QR Generator for desktop is a work in progress.

Once the company complete the development process, you will use a flag chrome –enable-features=SharingQRCodeGenerator to enable the feature in your browser. It is worth mentioning that millions of developers depend on Chrome’s QR code generator extensions.

If we look at the statistics, more than one million people are currently using the top three extensions currently available on Chrome Web Store. Hence, the change will definitely be useful for those who rely on third party services.

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Chrome Canary Gets A Fix For Extensions Incorrectly Marked As Corrupt, QR Code Generator In The Pipeline

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