Google Chrome Bug Silently Breaks Bluetooth Audio For Some PC Users

Google Chrome is used as a primary internet browser by billions of people around the world. The browser is known for its ability to run versatile apps.

However, some people have experienced trouble playing audio through their Bluetooth devices quite recently. Several Chrome users reported that the browser failed to play audio on YouTube and other platforms. Notably, the issue specifically affected those who are using Bluetooth speakers or headsets.

The problem is specially frustrating for people who use Chrome as their default browser. A user highlighted the bug on Reddit.

I’ve googled around many places, haven’t found a fix for this. My bluetooth headphones for whatever reason won’t play audio on chrome. Every other browser works fine. The only thing I’ve found that makes it work is changing the default audio output from the actual headset into the microphone on the headphones. But when I do that the audio gets really distorted. Any ideas?

The OP tried a series of steps to resolve this issue and confirmed that the issue still persists. Apparently, the problem is not platform specific and it’s clearly related to the Chrome browser.

Download The Latest Version Of Audio Drivers

The Reddit conversation confirmed that the issue is not limited to Windows 10 devices. Many Chrome users on Mac have also started to experience these issues. According to the forum reports, users had to restart Bluetooth devices or Chrome to resolve the issue. However, the workaround no longer works and people are still experiencing the annoying problem.

If you are on the same boat, first you need to make sure that you can hear sound on other browsers including Microsoft Edge. However, if your computer’s audio is working properly, you should immediately update your sound drivers.

Simply go to your manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of drivers for your system. The driver update is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of your hardware devices.

Chrome team has not acknowledged the issue yet, you may need to wait for a fix until a new update is available.

Did you manage to resolve the Bluetooth audio problem on your system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Google Chrome Bug Silently Breaks Bluetooth Audio For Some PC Users

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