Chrome 73 Reportedly Introducing Tab Grouping Feature

Google is gearing up to make some notable changes to its popular web browser, Chrome, with the latest Chrome 73 update. Last week, Google released the Chrome 71 Update which added dark mode feature, but macOS users missed out on the feature. Recently, it was revealed that Google is reportedly working on Chrome 73, which would bring the dark mode feature for macOS users as well.

Today, a new feature was leaked in a code change request. “A recent code change suggests that users will be able to organize Chrome tabs into different groups, possibly to improve productivity by grouping tabs belonging to one task or a project in one set.”, as Wccftech reports. Although there is little clarity about the feature’s exact description, this likely seems like the upcoming feature in Windows, ie, ability to group together different applications in one window to improve accessibility as well as productivity.

Here is the code change request snippet

Allows users to organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks.

Implement tab context menu option to add tab(s) to new group. go/chrome-tab-groups-design

The prototype will allow users to create and manipulate groups primarily via tab context menus, and will display tab group affiliation in the tabstrip. Future work will include persisting and syncing groups, manipulating groups via tab dragging, and a dropdown menu for the group headers.

As evident from the snippet, it is unclear how the feature will be implemented or what exactly it brings to the table. But, one thing it does make sure, and that is Google is gearing up for some major changes to Google Chrome. Chrome 73 is slated for a early 2019 release, as per reports. The feature is still in development and if approved, it would be available for all versions of Chrome, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.

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Chrome 73 Reportedly Introducing Tab Grouping Feature

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