Chappie Might Come to Apex Legends as a Pathfinder Skin

Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends has very quickly flown up the charts. If you’ve been keeping up with the game, you probably know about the petition to bring Chappie into the game. In the past few days, thousands of fans have asked Respawn to add a Chappie legendary skin for Pathfinder. Fortunately for the excited fans, Neill Blomkamp and Vince Zampella seem to agree with the idea.

As the petition gained traction, lots of people contacted director Neill Blomkamp about the possibility of bringing Chappie to Apex Legends. Replying to one such tweet, Neill Blomkamp says that he is “down”. Furthermore, Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella also agrees with it.


Chappie is a science fiction action film set in a dystopian future where mechanized robots act as the police force. The movie was directed by Neill Blomkamp and released in 2015. The movie follows Chappie, an artificially intelligent law enforcement robot, as he slowly begins developing human emotions.

You don’t need to have seen the movie to know that Chappie would be an excellent fit for Apex Legends. Pathfinder, the forward scout character, would be the perfect recipient for this skin. Furthermore, Pathfinder’s official description on EA’s website shows him donning gold chains and a red bandanna. This could mean that Pathfinder and Chappie already have a link.

Apex Legends already has a number of easter eggs. For example, one of Pathfinder’s poses is a direct nod to Bastion from Overwatch. The For The Birds pose sees Pathfinder attacked by a bird, which references Bastion and his yellow bird. Additionally, there is also a easter egg relating to Titanfall. Players who kept finding plush dinosaurs across the map found out that it was part of something bigger. Shooting ten of these randomly spawned dinosaurs would spawn a massive Nessie in the water surrounding the island.

For this reason, the possibility of Chappie making an appearance in Apex Legends is very high. Respawn is already very respected within the gaming community, and if they follow through with this, their reputation will only increase.

Farhan Ali
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