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Changing Auto-Save Interval In Word 2013

Word 2013’s default auto-save interval is set to 5 minutes. For some, this is not helpful and for  some it is very helpful. Depending on your requirements you may adjust these settings to either turn it off completely OR change it’s interval.

Follow the steps below to begin:

1. Click the File Menu OR press the Alt and then down arrow key to pull down the File Menu.

2. Select Options from the menu appearing on the left which is the last one.

3. Select Save from the menu on the left, 4th one from top.

4. Under Save Documents, you will see options to adjust AutoSave feature:

 To disable AutoSave, You can uncheck Save AutoRecover information every [] minutes.
To adjust the  frequency of autosaving, you can put in the number in minutes without unchecking it.

5. Once done, hit the OK button at the bottom  to exit out.

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Changing Auto-Save Interval In Word 2013

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