Castlevania And Devil May Cry Will Share A Multiverse In Upcoming Series, Know The Man Behind It

Netflix has churned out a lot of originals this year, many of them were well received but some of them missed the mark. One series that stood out from the crowd was Castlevania.

Movies and series adaptations of well-known games have a very bad track record, most of the projects like the “Assassins Creed” movie aren’t well received by fans as they end up deviating from the source content, leaving fans feel alienated.

The recent Castlevania series on the other hand was critically acclaimed and extremely well received by both longtime fans and casual Netflix watchers. Creators of the show went with a very unique art style with brilliant hand-drawn scenes giving it a very 90s look. Even the source material was very closely followed and the show didn’t shy away from depicting gore and violence, one of the notable things about the Castlevania universe. Part of its success can be attributed to the talented cast and the show’s producer.

Meet The Main Man Behind Castlevania’s Netflix Debut

Adi Shankar
Source – Fobes

Adi Shankar is an American film producer and a famous Youtube personality of Indian origin. You would be surprised to know that Adi Shankar was born in Kolkata, but his family soon relocated elsewhere.

He’s well known for his movie “The Grey” and other classic favorites such as “Dredd”. You might spot him at Comic-con events surrounded by fans, as he’s quite a frequent visitor.

Although a lot of fans regard Castlevania as Adi Shankar’s best work till date. Even Shankar was surprised by Castlevania’s early success, as he stated “So, yes, I expected Castlevania to do well because the entire team assembled was incredibly talented and the show being made by fans for fans meant it would be good. However, I felt like we were making a niche show for a niche audience. The shows gigantic success and cross over into the mainstream is a complete surprise to me, much like it was when Power Rangers started being covered and dissected by CNN”, when speaking to Forbes.

Netflix renewed Castlevania for another season, after a two-season run. But there’s more exciting news for Devil May Cry fans.

Devil May Cry And Castlevania Will Come Together In A “Bootleg Multiverse”

This isn’t the first time Adi Shankar is mixing and matching characters across different universes, In fact his sketches on YouTube called “Bootleg Universe” do just that.

Nothing is known about the story yet or how it will pan out. Although in a recent interview with IGN Adi Shankar did state “acquired these (Devil May Cry) rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” With strong and raunchy characters on both sides we aren’t sure what to expect for the series, but with Adi Shankar producing it, our expectations will run high.

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