Casio G-Shock GBD-800 Series To Come With Bluetooth And Fitness Tracking Features

Smart watches are a very niche piece of tech. They haven’t really seen mass adoptibility due to their many glaring problems, battery life being the biggest of them. With current battery tech a Smart Watch with a good display hardly lasts for an entire day on full charge. Also charging the watch everyday does become daunting with time. But many traditional watch companies have taken a very different approach. They use a watch with a normal dial, but bake extra functionality inside the watch.

Casio GBD-800
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Casio is taking a very similar approach with it’s GBD-800 series, which will be launching in September. It will have a digital-display model similar in size to their existing digital G-SQUAD GBA-800 series. These watches will come with  Step Tracker, pedometer and Bluetooth. They can be connected to Casio’s app which can be found on the  App Store. The app lets you count steps and calculate calories, if you choose to use it.

Casio App link
Source – ITHome

Watches from the upcoming GBD-800 series will come with decent hardware under the hood. There will be a  three-axis acceleration sensor which will provide a accurate step count, with time and intensity graphs. Bluetooth Mobile Link in the watches will allow them to automatically sync time keeping them precise, plus a phone finding functionality.

The watches will have water resistance upto 200 metres, dual time functionality for 300 cities and upto five alarms. Casio has packed the CR2025 batteries which have an estimated life of over 3 years.

GBD-800 series will launch with 4 watches, GBD-800-1 (black and red), GBD-800-2 (blue), GBD-800-4 (orange and red), and GBD-800-8 (gray and green). The watches will launch in Japan first on 14th September, with a retail price of about USD 120$. There’s also a version planned for women which has a smaller watch face, the BABY-G BSA-B100 will come at a similar time.

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