Capcom Won’t Port Monster Hunter: World to the Nintendo Switch but Plans to Release New Titles

While some sources have seemed to indicate otherwise, Capcom stated at their latest shareholder meeting that they will keep developing software for the Nintendo Switch platform. They did, however, admit that they’re not going to be bringing Monster Hunter: World over to it. This is probably because it would take far too much work to port that extremely sophisticated action RPG onto hardware that it wasn’t originally designed for.

Nevertheless, there is some hope in the industry that Nintendo fans will see the release of several new Monster Hunter games soon enough. If these were designed from the ground up without any sort of foreign code in them, then it might be easier to write them for the Nintendo Switch since they wouldn’t have to be ported from other consoles. Capcom presumably wrote the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows versions of Monster Hunter: World at around the same time.

Still, it does seem that Capcom must have something in mind other than simply Monster Hunter titles considering the way that news services carried their statement. Nothing was specified by the company otherwise, though, which has lead to some wild speculation as gamers wait for future announcements from the Japanese-based developer.

Some gamers have felt that the future has looked bleak ever since Capcom canceled the Nintendo 3DS release of Mega Man Legends 3, but things certainly seem to be looking up for both hardware and software developers.

Since Capcom was speaking to individuals who own stock in the company, they could very well have been promising some new unusual titles for those who appreciate the Nintendo Switch as a platform for deploying titles that wouldn’t seem comfortable elsewhere due to relevant hardware limitations.

Interestingly enough, the document that got released from Capcom fielded a question regarding esports. They answered it by stating that they will continue to promote Street Fighter as a flagship title for professional competition. It went on to state that esports is an area where Capcom will continue to focus a good amount of attention in the near future.

While the Nintendo Switch isn’t always seen on the competitive level, some gamers might certainly want to see more of it in the near future.

John Rendace
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Capcom Won’t Port Monster Hunter: World to the Nintendo Switch but Plans to Release New Titles

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