CAPCOM Announces Tokyo Game Show 2022 Line Up

CAPCOM, the company we all love for bringing us memorable games like the Street Fighter franchise, the amazing Resident Evil Series and the recent critically acclaimed Devil May Cry 5, is coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2022, and it’s got some interesting games lined up for us. So, you might be wondering what CAPCOM’s got in store for us. Let’s dive right into today’s post!

CAPCOM coming to Tokyo Game Show 2022

It was today that the Japanese video game publisher CAPCOM revealed its intentions for the Tokyo Game Show 2022. The event consists of two digital events that viewers can participate in.

CAPCOM made the announcement on a new website dedicated to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 event. CAPCOM confirmed that the two digital events would air on the proceeding days of September 15 and September 16. The first event will provide all the latest information and projects CAPCOM has been dabbling in, and the second one will exclusively focus on the gameplay and mechanics of the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6.

“TGS2022 CAPCOM Online Program
Start time: September 15 (Thu) 23:00
JST (15:00 BST/16:00 CEST/07:00 PDT)

TGS2022 Street Fighter 6 Special Program
Start time: September 16 (Fri) 24:00
JST (16:00 BST/17:00 CEST/08:00 PDT)” – CAPCOM

But that’s not all. CAPCOM will also host a booth over at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, where attendees and viewers will get a chance to view and play the already released new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. In addition, attendees will get an exclusive sneak peek at their new upcoming IP, Exoprimal. To add to all the fun, players will get a chance to play Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. And to top it all off, players will get to be the first to experience Street Fighter 6 in all of its next-generation glory.

It’s no surprise to everyone that, of all the games coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 CAPCOM booth, Street Fighter 6 is the biggest and most anticipated game not only in the booth but in the entirety of the Tokyo Game Show 2022 for that matter. But fans of the veteran publisher, CAPCOM, shouldn’t ignore the upcoming Exoprimal, which has set itself up to be a pretty interesting game so far.

Games coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Booth | Capcom Games

Exoprimal doesn’t have any connections with Dino Crisis, as some fans have speculated, but that shouldn’t stop players from pursuing a new multiplayer romp. Whether Exoprimal will be a commercial success and if it will get the spotlight it deserves will depend entirely on the long-term support provided by CAPCOM after it officially launches. But the game still has a very solid foundation, to begin with. 

Fans are pretty curious as to how they’ll handle Exoprimal, and they can’t wait to experience more dino-slaying action when Exoprimal releases in 2023 for consoles and the PC.

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 will run from September 15 to September 18 over at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

So, are you excited about CAPCOM’s lineup for the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and for Street Fighter 6 and Exoprimal? Do you think Exoprimal will be a commercial hit? Let us know in the comments below! We upload daily on Appuals. So, tune in next time for more exciting news. Till then, see you later and goodbye!

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