Major Capcom Data Containing Source Code For Devil May Cry 2 And More Has Leaked Online

Capcom now joins the growing list of victims, that include Valve, Ubisoft, and Nintendo

An anonymous source described as Ragnar on 4chan has just leaked a significant amount of Capcom’s data. The leak sized 1TB contains all sorts of key info, ranging from source codes to future plans.

You might get confused hearing all kinds of information in bits and pieces, so here is a complete overview of the leak.

Source Codes

Capcom leak
Backup disks containing source codes for Devil May Cry 2

Two backup disks containing source codes for Devil May Cry 2 and Umbrella Chronicles have leaked from the data. Anyone with a little bit of experience can compile these codes and recreate the two games.

Ace Attorney

Capcom Leak
Ace Attorney Data.

A lot about the 2012 Ace Attorney trilogy is also present in the data. From what has been published so far, Ace Attorney (DGS) will be localized, and the game is coming to Netflix and Amazon as anime.

Resident Evil Games

Capcom Leak
Launch plans for Resident Evil Village.

Capcom is developing two Resident Evil titles. The first one focused on VR is called Resident Evil 4, while the second, codenamed Village Online, is focused on a multiplayer battle royale.

Nintendo Switch

Capcom is also planning to release Monster Hunter Rise on PC.

According to the leak, Capcom is also gearing up to make a brand new IP that will be Switch Exclusive. The game within the company is known as “GUILLOTINE.”

New Multiplayer Game

capcom leak
Launch Plans for Sheild

Apparently, there is another game in development as well. It is being described as “Sheild” and will be focused on streaming action.

Money Paid To Capcom

The leak has corporate documents that suggest Google paid Capcom $10 Million to release Resident Evil 7 and 8 on their platform. Likewise, Sony paid $5 Million for VR exclusivity and a timed DLC.

Apart from these leaks, there are also other types of data, like marketing tactics, launch plans, and future endorsements. This leak, in my view, is probably the biggest to happen in a while. So far, Capcom hasn’t said anything about this, but given the potential consequences, I’m sure they will come up with an explanation.


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