Capcom Buys Hi-Fi Rush and Street Fighter 6 Support Studio, Swordcanes

Capcom has announced today that it has acquired Hi-Fi Rush and Street Fighter 6 support studio, Swordcanes. This acquisition makes the support studio a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom.

Over the years, Swordcanes has built a solid reputation for its expertise in 3D computer graphics production technology, specifically in the realm of video game development. It’s not just SF6, or Hi-Fi Rush, but the studio has been actively involved in working on other major Capcom titles, such as Final Fantasy XVI, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise, and Bandai Namco’s New Pokémon Snap.

Capcom says that this acquisition may not affect their consolidated fiscal year results, but it would play a major role in the long run, considering how it will be used to strengthen the studio’s game developing capabilities. In-house resources do always provide better flexibility over the entire development cycle.

Capcom decided to make the studio its wholly-owned subsidiary to sustainably bolster its developmental and technological capabilities.

Purpose of Share Acquisition, Capcom

The motivation for Capcom’s decision to bring Swordcanes under its wing was driven by the studio’s decent track record in working on major titles for the company in the past. The collaboration on Street Fighter 6 further cemented the studio’s strengths and potential for growth, leading Capcom to make the strategic move of acquiring Swordcanes.

As for the financial aspect, Capcom paid  ¥8 million for acquiring all shares. The headquarters for the studio are located in Tokyo, and, according to Capcom, the company does expect a smooth integration of Swordcanes into its whole corporate structure.

This is also the first studio Capcom have acquired in quite some time. The last company to join the Capcom family was Blue Castle Games, back in 2010, which later rebranded as Capcom Vancouver. Unfortunately, the Vancouver studio had to shut down in 2018.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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