How to Unsubscribe or Cancel Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that provides extra benefits for Amazon customers. The best-known benefit for Amazon Prime users is the free two-day shipping. It costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year to subscribe to Amazon Prime. However, some users might not require this subscription after some time, when they are not purchasing anything often from Amazon. In this article, we will show you the steps to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Unsubscribing/Ending Amazon Prime Membership

Depending on the situation of a people, the Amazon Prime might not be useful for some as others. If there is the actual need for Amazon Prime in your life, then keeping it will be better. However, if you don’t use the benefits of Amazon Prime, then having a normal Amazon is better than Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime does not end after the time is complete, it will automatically renew the next year’s subscription by itself. So to unsubscribe/cancel the Amazon Prime membership, follow the below steps:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Official Amazon site. Sign in to your account if not already signed in.
  2. Click on the Account & Lists to open the list and choose the Your Prime Membership option on the list.
    Opening Your Prime Membership page
  3. Under the Manage Membership, click on the Update your settings option and then click on the End trail and benefits button.
    End trail and benefits of Amazon Prime
  4. Amazon will warn you about losing the Prime benefits. Click on the Cancel My Benefits button at the bottom.
    Clicking on Cancel my benefits after the warning
  5. Click on the Continue to Cancel button to get to the next step.
    Clicking on Continue to Cancel button
  6. Finally, click on the Cancel Membership button one last time and this will unsubscribe/cancel your Prime membership.
    Clicking on Cancel Membership button
  7. You will get a date for the membership to end.
  8. To verify it, you can again follow Step 2 and Step 3. You will find the red notification for the membership ending date.
    Checking the date for the Prime Membership to end
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How to Unsubscribe or Cancel Amazon Prime Membership?

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