Canalys Report Shows AMD’s Threat to Intel ‘AMD Grew 54% Last Year as compared to Intel at 3.3%’

After a long time reigning in the processor market enjoyed by Intel, AMD came out with the Ryzen series of processors to give Intel a run for its money. Since then the slowly progressing technology of the Intel processors has been lacking behind the red competitor.

Ever since the Ryzen processors came out with hyperthreading in each tier of their processors and 12nm architecture in them, Intel has been at a race to increase the core and thread count in the processors which had been constant for quite a few years and started working on 10nm architecture to compete with the 12nm brought out by AMD against their 14nm architecture.

Recently there has been information going around reminding investors about the prospects of investing into AMD instead of Intel. The research company Canalys had posted some internal information regarding this on their official website, which was taken down later but it got a bit too late by then. The information looked to be an internal message for partners and customers of the company, reminding them of the advantages of investing in AMD and the threat it holds against Intel’s consumer market for the upcoming year.


From the report’s contents, Canalys had outlined how the perfect implementation of their technology helped AMD first close the gap they had with Intel and then give them a tough competition, and that suggested the possibility of AMD’s processors surpassing their blue competitors from Intel by 2019.

AMD is going to switch to the 7nm architecture with the Ryzen 3000 series and the Zen 2 architecture and is also preparing to launch the second generation EPYC architecture in the server market, giving tough competition to Intel in every front.

The report had summarized the following advantages of the AMD processors (As highlighted in the screenshot):

  • Well balanced CPU and GPU performance on a tight budget.
  • Providing Server clients with heavy memory bandwidth needs, and low-cost options.
  • High focus on providing security to consumers.
  • Providing higher resolutions for mobile displays.
  • Progressive companies with young workers.

The report had summarized how AMD is progressing fast and Intel is having troubles keeping up with the pace. It showed how AMD very soon will take over a very major portion of the market share, over that there is also AMD’s rapid growth, with AMD having a growth rate of 54% compared to 3.3% of Intel which can be attributed to their high-performance low-cost GPUs and CPUs and the compatibility that they offer.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Canalys Report Shows AMD’s Threat to Intel ‘AMD Grew 54% Last Year as compared to Intel at 3.3%’

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