Can You Search on Without Having Your History Saved

Google is one of the most popularly used search engines on the internet, where there are high chances of finding anything and everything that you are looking for. And because it has become a huge hub of information, Google saves the search made by you which might as well appear in the future when you are looking for something similar or in fact searching for the same thing, say, a year from now. For instance, last year if I searched for a website for pictures, there is a probability that the same website that I searched for, will be in the top results or the suggested searches in the search engine for Google even if I enter the keywords after a few months or even a year. This is because the data that you enter on Google is saved by its engine.

DuckDuckGo, The Alternative

Now, what if you DON’T want Google to save whatever you are looking for. Well, that is not possible for Google, but, there is another search engine which keeps your data unsaved. This means that, unlike Google, this website will not track your search in the future based on what you searched once.DuckDuckGo is the search engine, which keeps your data secure, and does not save anything in their database.

DuckDuckGo, an alternate for Google Search Engine
Type in the search bar and look for anything that you need
And the next time you repeat the search, you will not find your search saved in the engine

Why Does Google Keep a Track of Their Users

While keeping a track of the users on the internet, can be a little creepy, as they would know everything that you are doing online. From the websites you visit, from the downloads, Google knows it all. This is because a majority of the products that we use online are linked to Google, like Gmail, Google Chrome and even Youtube. Google tracks its consumers so that it can show them advertisement related to their interests, and also provide them the right choices when needed.

The better they know their consumer, the better the chances are for them to increase their sales as you would use the products as advertised by them. For instance, if someone is into reading and has searched a lot of reading materials online, there are chances that the next time you visit a website, Google will show you an ad related to reading. Sounds creepy, but from the business point of view, they got it right.

How Can You Not Be Tracked

Using DuckDuckGo could be an option if you don’t want to be tracked for the searches you have made on Google.DuckDuckGo is a private company, which aims to keep the customer’s private searches, private. If you are someone who does not want companies like Google to invade their privacy, or retrieve their private information and store it for that matter, then DuckDuckGo could be an alternative for you to use as a search engine. It offers its users to use their website which can be added as an extension to the browser, or, a mobile application can also be downloaded for searching material on the go.

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Can You Search on Without Having Your History Saved

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