Can You Learn Graphic Designing, Without Learning Photoshop

Graphic Designing is a skill which is not just limited to Photoshop. While, yes, in the majority of the courses that teach Graphic Designing, often keep a major part of their course focused on Photoshop. But then again, the important question here is, what is it that you want to learn Graphic Designing for since there are innumerable fields under just Graphic Designing.

What is Photoshop Mainly Used For

The course that I did for Graphic Designing was divided into two halves. Where the first half was all about Photoshop. Photoshop can be important if you have to edit pictures, hide faults or add something of your own to it. You work on different layers which help users a lot in designing.

Adobe Photoshop

However, since the work that you do on Adobe Photoshop does pixelate, this will not always be a choice for a Graphic Designer who is more of a Logo Designer or an Illustrator. This has been my personal experience as well. While Photoshop can be an easy source to make cards or edit pictures, designers would generally prefer another forum better, if photo editing is not what they need to do.

Should You Learn How to Use Photoshop

You can say that learning Photoshop is like a step one for Graphic Designers in my personal opinion. If I had not learned the way we use Photoshop, I would not be able to differ between the quality of work that can be created on Photoshop and other software, in my case, the other software is Illustrator.

Is it a necessity to learn Graphic Designing on Photoshop first? Well, no. It is not a necessity at all, because the tools for Photoshop are pretty much the basic. And as you would have noticed, Adobe has increased their Graphic Designing software, where you have a handful of options to choose from for different fields of Graphic Designing. But then again, what is it that you want to design, and does it require any of the tools that Photoshop offers.

To be honest, when I was doing my course to learn Graphic Designing, I sort of got bored learning Photoshop because it was all about editing and stuff that did not really interest me. Here, another factor that is very important in deciding whether you want to learn how to use Photoshop is, if the tools are what would interest you. And how can you know what tools Photoshop has unless you actually learn how to use it.

If you are not into editing, you might find this very boring.

Learn it for the experience, and learn it for the curiosity to know ‘what does this software really do’. If I were to just learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, I probably would not have known that if I need to edit an image, I will not be able to do that on Illustrator. But now, because I know Photoshop can be used to ‘photoshop’, I will be quicker in my work and decisions while designing. I have learned enough to know what software I can use or do not need after I have learned how to use them. Plus, learning something new has never harmed anyone. It is like an additional skill which you might just make use of someday.


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