Over 20 Callisto Protocol Employees Reportedly Not Credited In the Endgame Sequence

The Callisto Protocol‘s release last month was a significant milestone for Striking Distance Studios, and the game received generally positive reviews from critics. However, it is believed that some of the former employees that worked on the game were left out of the end credits sequence.

In an interview with GamezIndustry.biz, certain Striking Distance Studios employees claim that roughly twenty former employees that worked on the game were entirely neglected and not credited. We saw earlier how this has been an issue with other games, but the key issue this time is that the workers who were left out played a critical role in the game’s basic development.

While the company hasn’t spoken publicly on this, many feel it’s because they were working on other projects in addition to Striking Distance. The majority of them claim that they were not even notified of this and only found out when the game was launched.

[The credits omission] felt like an obvious F-U to those who were left out. Somebody wanted to send a message, and the message was, ‘Next time have a bit more loyalty to us.’”

An employee says that “full-time employees with over a year invested in the title” were not included and that whether or not the developers were given credit for their work was a matter of upper management “playing favourites.” According to them, upper management “selected persons they liked or had some form of relationship with” and excluded those with whom they had disagreements when awarding credits.

It remains to be seen how the company reacts to these allegations, and if they release a statement to clarify this. With all that said, let us know in the comments what you think of this, and whether or not, there’s a different side to all this.


Muhammad Qasim

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