Callisto Protocol Launch is Cancelled in Japan Due to the Restrictions by CERO

The Callisto Protocol is only a month away, and the anticipation for the game is at an all-time high, especially after various media outlets publish the game’s previews. The game’s gore, tension, and over-the-edge experience have been appreciated so far. 

Most of the reviewers who got hands-on experience with the game pointed out similarities between the original Dead Space and Callisto Protocol that were expected. Still, the similarities are minor, and Callisto Protocol provides a more realistic experience with its precision-based combat style. 

The gore and tension of the game are also up a level compared to Dead Space. As these unique features of the game are appreciated, these have also become a hurdle in the game’s release in certain regions like Japan. @CallistoProtocolJP has confirmed that the release of The Callisto Protocol in Japan has been canceled due to the restrictions by CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization), the entertainment regulatory body of the region. 

The main concerns of CERO about the game are the same, which makes it a unique experience; abundant gore and fear. So the developers have refused to comply with CERO, and they have decided that the game will not be launching in Japan or even a toned-down modified version will be released as, according to the devs, it will ruin the experience for the gamers if the defining features of the game are missing from it. 

We have decided to cancel the Japanese version of “The Callisto Protocol”. At present, we cannot pass the CERO rating, and if we change the content, we will not be able to provide the experience that players expect. I would appreciate it if you could understand the Japanese people. Refunds will be issued to those who have pre-ordered.” (English Translation)

It is not the first time that CERO has instructed a studio to tone down a game for Japanese audiences. A similar situation was seen for Resident Evil 4, which is a game of Japanese origin. While the whole world enjoyed Resident Evil 4 in all its blood and glory, the Japanese players received a modified toned-down version of the game. 

In Callisto Protocol’s case, it is a respectable decision by the studios to limit their launch instead of comprising the game’s distinct and tense environment. The game has not faced any other regulatory issues around the globe. It has been rated Mature 17+ by ESRB due to the blood, gore, intense violence, and strong language the game packs.

The Callisto Protocol will be released on 2nd December 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. What are your thoughts about this situation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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